He's a Whirlpoolian and Sombrerian's arch nemesis.

He trusted Sombrerian with a package delivery, but when Sombrerian, to no fault of his, crashes on earth he follows him there not only to retrieve the package but to exact vengeance as well.



They will have the unfortunate opportunity

of meeting Sombrerian.


He's known simply as Sombrerian, though there's more to his story than meets the eye.

A pursued alien from the Sombrero galaxy, he accidentally crashes on earth, where he tries to make a new life for himself while shapeshifting his way in and out of earthly and alien trouble.

His powers are numerous and amazing, with every part of his body a weapon - even his strange-looking hair or his deadly protruding heel.

"I love the way this comic book was put together... The characters are very believable, that's where 

 George Jiha shines... The art is amazing... Definitely worth it... I really did like this comic book a lot!" 

                                                                                            - Professor Bill, Comic Book University

The DREADED Package



It's pronounced Noo-Koo. 

He's Sombrerian's partner and no ordinary sidekick, an alien bird with amazing powers: shapeshifting, upsizing, quantum-tunneling, wisecracking, etc.

In other words, he's a bird with an attitude.   

F I R S T   C O N T A C T

"A different feel than other comic books... It's like every panel is a painting."                                               - 2 Man Comic Book Club


He'll be one of Sombrerian's

shapeshifting identities on earth.