She’s an adorable Shih Tzu with special talents, who, along with her friends – Duke, an old and kind       

    St Bernard, and Prince, a feisty Terrier – entangles her owners, Georgie and Annie, and their neighbors’

    twin cat pets – Duchesse and Duchette – into hilarious dramas.

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    Sombrerian crashes on earth after failing to deliver an important package to Lokai, a bloodthirsty Whirlpoolian

   who doesn't forgive easy. Now the conflict is set to engulf all sorts of intergalactic beings.

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 C  O  M  I  C     B  O  O  K  S


   For the two factions of the Z realm, Earth is the battlefield. While humans are caught in the middle of their

   bloody war, many are forced and others obliged to take side.

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    Robin Pipit is a one-of-a-kind superhero who sports unique colorful wings. In fact, he's so different that he 

   has a lot of neat tricks up his sleeves. He sashays into the lives of children caught in a jam and rescues them 

   with the help of four other vivacious partners.

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     A resort town sheriff - with a penchant for BIG trouble - injects his flamboyant style into the lives of

     his constituents, with the help of two deputies nuttier than he is.

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